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How to Play Volleyball – Volleyball Rules

Volleyball is an energetic game, filled with actions like serve, set, bumps (pass), and spikes (hits). This game is not only captivating to watch but becomes even more exciting when you actively participate in it. So, are you ready to start playing volleyball? Then this blog is for you. In this blog you will understand how to play volleyball, what are the moves and what are the basic volleyball rules. Because the need to gain insight into the game’s regulations and terminology is crucial. So, let’s explore the vital volleyball rules and regulations necessary for your success in the game.

How to Play Volleyball- Basics of Volleyball Step by Step

  • The game starts with a coin toss to decide the serving team, which aims to who will hit the ball first over the net from behind the baseline to start a rally.
Volleyball positions on the court, explaining volleyball rules
  • Two teams stand opposite of a net on the court. Each team has six players who play their roles in their positions in indoor volleyball. Players stand in two rows on each side, one row near the net and the second row near the back boundary of the court. 
  • The Setter (volleyball player position: in the back right corner) serve the ball and then each team hits the ball and sends it back to the opponent’s side. And so the flow of the game continues. After getting a score players can rotate in a clockwise direction to give a chance to every player to serve well.
  • The receiving team player returns (hits) the ball and then every player perform activities like bumps, spikes, and sets to keep the game hot. The game continues until the ball hits the ground.
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Scoring System

  • If the ball lands on the serving team area then the receiving team gets a score and opportunity to serve. And if the opposite happens, the serving team gets a score and serves again. (Which team gets a score who also has the opportunity to serve)
  • If the ball lands outside the boundary, the team that hit the ball loses one score. 
  • If a player from one team touches the net (comes back toward the recipient team) or foot goes under the net, the opposite team gets a score. 
  • A team hits the ball 3 times but a player is not allowed to hit a ball 2 times.
  • If a team hits a ball beside the arm or hands then the opposite team gets a score.
  • If the team returns a ball, but the ball is not passed over the top of the net then the opposite team gets a score.
  • Matches are divided into sets, with three-set matches often requiring two sets won to 25 points and a third set to 15 points. In a five-set match, a team usually needs to win three sets to claim victory. The team that reaches the set’s point target with a 2-point lead wins (25-27). The objective is to win more sets than the opponent to win the match.

How to Play Volleyball – What are the Moves?

Volleyball game consists of many movements or actions. So here are basic guide of playing volleyball:

1. Serving: The game starts with a serve from behind the end line. Stand at the Right back of the court and hit the ball over the net using an underhand or overhand serve. The goal is to get the ball into the opponent’s court, preferably in a way that makes it difficult for them to return.

2. Passing (Bumps): When the ball comes, then use forearms to pass it to a teammate. A player keeps wrists together and creates a platform to control the direction of the ball. This move is often used to set up the next play.

3. Setting: The setter’s role is to deliver accurate passes to the hitters for them to spike the ball. Players use their fingertips to push the ball into the air, typically aiming for the hitter positioned near the net.

4. Attack (Spike/Hit): The attacker (hitter) jumps near the net and tries to hit the ball forcefully into the opponent’s court. Player time to jump and hit the ball at the highest point of jump with maximum power. Aim for open areas on the opponent’s court to score points.

5. Blocking: At the net, players jump to block an opponent’s attack. Position the hands and arms above the net to deflect the ball back into the opponent’s court.

6. Digging: When the opponent spikes the ball toward your court, use a digging motion to prevent it from hitting the ground. Use your forearms and legs to absorb the impact and direct the ball to a teammate.

7.  Rotation: Players rotate positions in a clockwise manner after winning the serve from the opponent. This ensures that every player gets a chance to serve and that players are positioned strategically on the court.

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Volleyball Rules

When everyone knows and follows the rules then game becomes fair and unbiased and no one gains an unfair advantage. Understanding the fundamental rules of volleyball is essential for smooth and exciting gameplay. Here’s a breakdown of these rules that players should keep in mind: 

Basic Rules of Volleyball:

These rules ensure fair and enjoyable gameplay for all. Familiarity with them helps players make effective plays and avoid violations that could result in points for the other team.

  • When you hit the ball you must be behind the line of net.
  • Do not let the ball under the net.
  • If the ball hits the net and goes forward then it’s alright (if a bounce back then it is wrong).
  • You cannot carry, catch or run with the ball, must hit/pass it to an opponent team without using any body part other than hands and arms.
  • Cannot cross up your boundary lines and cannot throw ball out of boundaries of court.
  • Game cannot start before Referee’s whistle.

If don’t follow the rules, then opponent team/ player get a chance to win the score or you can lose a score. So follow the volleyball rules to save your score, ensure your success, and avoid any penalty. Good Luck!

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